謝花 香織
Kaori Jahana

MusicVideo を始め、ドキュメントやライブ演出映像、店頭用販促VPなどの演出キャリアを積む。ファッション専門チャンネル「Fashiontv」にて取材・編集という形でファッション業界にも関わる。TOKYO FASHION WEEKのオフィシャル取材およびダイジェストクリップを担当。

Reel → info@wondera.jpへお問い合わせください

I advanced my career in music videos, documentaries, live videos, and shopfront sales promotion videos. I was also involved in the fashion industry in the form of coverage and the edition in a channel specializing in fashion, Fashion TV. I am in charge of official coverage and digest clips for Tokyo Fashion Week. If you have any questions, contact us at the following e-mail address.

α6600/α6400/α6100 Optimal movie autofocus | ソニーイメージングプロダクツ&ソリューションズ株式会社
α6600/α6400/α6100 Optimal movie autofocus | Sony Imaging Products & Solutions Inc.

Jobs : Produce, Planning, Direction, Shooting, Editing

Director : Kaori Jahana

Cameraman : Shuntaro

Planner : Kaori Jahana

Producer : Kazutake Doi

Production Manager : Shinnosuke Sato

NEW MATERIAL 2017 「Rhythm of Water」 | TOTO
"Rhythm of Water" | TOTO

Jobs : Produce, Direction, Shooting, Editing


Production Company : amana inc. (WONDERACTIVE INC.)

Director : Kaori Jahana

Cameraman : Yasuhiro Miyahara

Producer : Yoshihiro Miyazaki

アネッサ GOLD GEL 機能動画 | 資生堂
ANESSA Functional Movie for Gold Gel | Shiseido

Jobs : Produce, Planning, Direction, Shooting

Director :  Kaori Jahana

Cameraman : Makoto Horiuchi

Planner: Kaori Jahana

Producer : Masahito Kodama, Junpei Yamamoto

Production Manager : Ami Kato, Lina Jiang, Shun Sendai, Miyako Yamada

世界最大級のトラック書道 制作舞台裏 | UDトラックス株式会社
The Giant Masterpiece Behind The Scenes | UD Trucks Corp.

Jobs : Produce, Direction

Agency: ad-comm Co., Ltd.

Production Company : amana inc. (WONDERACTIVE)

Director : Kaori Jahana


Producer : Kazutake Doi

Production Manager : Shun Sendai, Rio Kojima